Searching to Speak – Coventry Christmas Lecture

We are delighted to welcome Professor Paul Curson at this years Coventry Christmas Lecture, supported by BCS, IET and the IMA.  It takes place on the 7th of December at 7pm, at Coventry University.  Refreshments from 6.30pm, buffet afterwards. Places are free, but booking is essential:


One of the worst medical conditions imaginable is locked-in syndrome. It leaves you totally paralyzed except perhaps for the blink of an eye. Your intelligent mind is locked inside a useless body, able to sense everything but unable to communicate. It could happen to anyone, out of the blue, as a result of a stroke. If you wanted to help people with locked-in syndrome, the obvious thing might be to become a doctor or nurse, but how could a computer scientist help?

‘The Diving Bell and the Butterfly’ is an incredibly uplifting book. It’s the autobiography of Jean-Dominique Bauby, written after he woke up in a hospital bed totally paralysed. In the book, he describes life with locked-in syndrome. He did have a way to communicate not only to write the book but also with medics, friends and family. He did it without any technology at all.  How?

Data Driven Dance, 7pm 19th Oct 2016

At 7pm on the 19th of October, the BCS Coventry meeting features an unusual and highly creative project, linking dance with Computer Science.  Genevieve Nunes-Smith, founder of ReadySaltedCode will share the work she has done linking classical dance with Computer Science.  The project features wearable-tech ballet shoes and costumes, incorporates weather data and  aims to bring Computer Science to life.

Genevieve’s work has been featured at a number of institutions and events including the Royal Institution, Brighton Digital Festival, International Scratch Conferences 2015 + 2016, NAACE 2016.

Click here for details of this months meeting

Read more about Genevieve’s innovative work here:

We made it: Ballet shoe creator Genevieve Nunes-Smith

Brighton Digital Festival: talking tech with Genevieve Nunes-Smith


First branch meeting of 2016/17

The first branch meeting of 2016/17 starts with a presentation on Physical Computing Activities with Scratch by Warwick Technology Volunteers on the 28th of September, 6.30pm.  The team have had a busy and successful year running Scratch and Arduino sessions in local sch0ols.  They’ve also had the time to design a new board to support their outreach activities that uses ScratchX, and share their work at the Scratch@MIT Conference this summer.  ScratchX enables a wide range of physical devices to be connnected to the popular Scratch programming language.  Come along and hear what the team have been doing.  More information is available here.

BCS Coventry Prize Winning students at University of Warwick

Congratulations to the University of Warwick prize winner s for 2015/16.  Irene Glendinning (BCS Coventry chair) attended and awarded the branch prizes to prize winers:

Rhiannon MichelmoreMEng_small








Best Third Year Project 2015, MEng Computer Science or Computing Systems
awarded to Miss Rhiannon Michelmore (Third Year MEng Computer Science)










Best Third Year Project 2015, BSc Computer Science or Computing Systems
awarded to Mr Jordan Wyatt (Final Year BSc Computer Science)

Securing the Future Internet – and how advances in cryptography can help

Our IET colleagues would like to invite you to one of their learned meetings where they will explore how some recent advances in cryptography can help address some of the security challenges of the “Internet of Everything”

In recent years there has been a substantial increase in the number and variety of devices connected to networks and the internet.  More and more applications are emerging that interconnect these devices and their data, and it seems that the future will have “smart” everything, from smart houses and cars to smart cities and transport.  While these exciting developments undoubtedly bring considerable benefits to our lives, there is also the potential for significant security risks.

In this talk Professor Waller will introduce some of the security challenges for the future “Internet of everything”, and then focus on how some recent advances in cryptography could help.

Date and Time: 16 June 2016 – 18:30-21:00

Location@ Coventry, United Kingdom – Coventry Uni. Engineering (map).

Organised by the UK – W.Mids:Coventry&Warks local network.

Please go to to register – to help them plan the refreshments, thanks

Confessions of a not so expert witness, Colin Pearson

On Tuesday 17th of May Colin Pearson will talk to the branch about the challenges of being an expert witness.

It will be an unusual but light hearted reflection on 25 years as an Expert Witness covering both criminal cases (including fraud, murder and terrorism) as well as commercial cases (such as computer contracts, and misuse by employees), divorce and landlord / tenant issues!

Many of these smaller cases are far from the traditional image presented in the press or on TV. Colin will share some of his war stories. The topics will be jargon-free and non-technical but of interest to both lawyers and computing practitioners.

More details are available here.

Cyber Security: I’m not angry I’m just disappointed, Frazer Lewis

Frazer LewisOn Wednesday the 20th of April we had an interesting presentation on Cyber Security and the challenges faced in this area.  Frazer Lewis, who works with WMG’s Cyber Security Team, gave a talk titled “I’m not angry I’m just disappointed“.  His entertaining rant highlighted how cyber security affects all of us as individuals now that  more of our household appliances and vehicles are increasingly gaining an online connection.

Thank you to Frazer Lewis and WMG Cyber Security team for an entertaining evening.   More information about Frazer’s talk is available on the event page here.

Fortran alive and well at 59!

On Wednesday 23rd of March, Peter Crouch from BCS Birmingham is coming to talk about Fortran its history and its current uses.  The talk takes place at Coventry University in the EC Building at 7pm, room EC1-22.  More information is available here.

CU Computer Club Hackathon

Tonight (19th of March) saw the successful conclusion of the first CU DSC02065Computer Club Hackathon.  The CU Computer Club is a student Chapter of BCS.  Major sponsors of the hackathon were Major League Hacking, BCS and IET, and Erik Barrow put the event together on behalf of the CU Computer Club.

The theme of the hackathon was Entrepreneurship and teams were asked to create an end product and market it. At the end of the hackathon teams were asked to present their products.  The range of ideas presented highlighted the creativity and productivity of the students.

Irene Glendinning, Chair of BCS Coventry was one of the team of judges and presented the first prize to the winning team Ethical Slackers.DSC02078


Challenge IT Final

Today is the BCS Coventry Challenge IT Final event.  This afternoon we’ll meet all the teams that have made it through to the final.  We’re celebrating their teamwork and creativity, along with British Science Week 2016.  Its going to be a lot of fun.  Thank you to all the organisations who made this event possible with their generous sponsorship: BCS, The IET, Coventry University, University of Warwick, WMG, Coventry City Council, OCR, Computing At School, PTS Consulting, Mozilla, Raspberry Pi Foundation, Severn Trent Water, Skills Training Agency.    Sponsors are here.