Sponsors Challenge IT 2016

We are very grateful to our competition sponsors:


Competition sponsors:  BCS, The IET, Coventry University, Free Radio, Coventry City Council, University of Warwick, Raspberry Pi Foundation, Skills Funding Agency, OCR, Severn Trent Water, PTS Consulting, WMG, Computing At School, Mozilla.

Why Sponsor Us?
We need your help to run this competition. It is valuable as it encourages children and teenagers to learn and develop new skills with the hope that they go on to develop into knowledgeable and talented employees. We strive to make this competition wide ranging and inclusive.

How can you help?
You may be able to offer a major prize, in which case it may be possible for us to introduce a special category prize. Alternatively you may like to offer a selection of small prizes, so all competition prize winners receive merchandising gifts from you.

You may also like to attend the Finals Exhibition and Awards Ceremony, you could volunteer to be a judge or you may like to actually award a prize.  We will publicise your logo here on the BCS Branch web site and in the ‘Challenge IT’ competition publicity, and link from this page on our web site to yours.

To Summarise, your organisation could:

  •   Sponsor a particular category of award for a specific age group or type of entry;
  •   Consider donating some prizes of value to secondary schools;
  •   Donate some gifts or prizes, large or small, that would be appreciated by students aged 11-19 years, who are interested in technology and computing;
  •   Help us with publicity and promotion of the competition;
  •   Provide a representative to play an active part in the ChallengeIT sub-committee or be part of the judging panel.

What Benefits Are There for You?
Other than the publicity, there are many reasons that you may wish to support this event.  The BCS Coventry Branch competition challenges young people to complete a project, which includes understanding, designing, and developing an Information and Technology related product.  An integral part of this competition is the collaboration within the team to tackle their chosen problem/solution.

We hope to expose young people to the practical issues involved in:

  • identifying the potential users of their project and fully understanding what those users may require
    devising a practical solution – ideally achieved by a thoroughly collaborative process of evaluating various alternate possible solutions, taking into account both cost effectiveness (work put in) and attractive design. Therefore understanding the process of the solution.
  • communicating a clear plan for implementing and testing their solution under realistic conditions

This competition also aims to:

  • Encourage interest in careers in IT through contact with local schools, colleges and youth organisations;
  • Help local students to develop awareness of good practice and a range of skills including IT, team working and project planning;
  • Promote and develop effective links between local secondary education, industry and higher education;
  • Foster understanding of how IT can deliver a product, service or business solution;
  • Promote professional practice in the local community through the work of the BCS and particularly the Coventry branch

We would love to take the opportunity to work together, for a better future in the IT sector! Please contact the Branch Chair and competition organiser Irene Glendinning directly if you would like further details, or indeed if you are able to sponsor us!
Thank you.

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