Ongoing Impact of CoronaVirus

BCS HQ advice is to continue with virtual meetings at least until the end of the year. While we are struggling to provide you with our usual 8 open events this year, we have successfully arranged that our first 3 will be webinars.

As you know, 2021 is Coventry City of Culture year, and as you may also know, City of Culture has been delayed until March. We were planning a number of exciting events to align with City of Culture, however as a lot of our contacts have been furloughed, we are consequently unable to complete our programme yet.

Those registered for email notifications will shortly receive emails letting you know about our upcoming meetings and how you can register, details will be/are also available form our website – please see the 2020-2021 meeting prgramme.

Thanks. John Rendall, 4th September 2020.

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