The World’s First Short Film Shot in High Dynamic Range (HDR)

Date:     Wednesday 19 Jan 2011
Time:     18:00 – Tea 5:30pm for 6:00 start, please book to help us to plan the catering
Speaker:     Prof. Alan Chalmers – Professor of Visualisation, IDL
Location:     IDL; Warwick University


Our meeting was a combined event and our chance to partake of a World First and a unique opportunity to see the world’s first ever showing of a short film shot in High Dynamic Range (HDR).
Prof Alan Chalmers of WMGs Visualisation Research group also talked about an EPSRC funded project expounding the superior visual images produced by novel HDR capture and display technologies.

As well as seeing the first film recorded with this groundbreaking technology we also had the opportunity to discover more about the world’s first HDR video camera. The camera is capable of 20 f-stops simultaneously at full HD (1920 x 1080) resolution at 30 frames per second (24Mb per frame)!!!
This project brings together internationally leading expertise in HDR imaging and a unique HDR video technology from the University of Warwick with an innovative professional film maker: Entanglement Productions, and a new high-tech company specialising in HDR technology.

One of our members – Barry Evans – wrote up the event and his report is available at

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