SMS for Life: a Smarter Planet pilot in Tanzan

Date:     Wednesday 17 Nov 2010
Time:     18:30 – Tea 6:00pm for 6:30 start
Speaker:     Pete Ward – IBM Client Technical Advisor Programme Manager, North-East Europe
Location:     IDL; Warwick University


This presentation described the SMS for Life project that Peter is running in Tanzania. Using mobile phones, SMS text messages and a central database the visibility of stocks of anti-malaria medicines in health facilities in Tanzania has been radically improved in three disparate pilot areas; to the point where the Tanzanian Governmental Health Agency is taking serious note; seniour ministers have acknowledged the life-saving capabilities of the system now available. You may have seen publicity in the media and on websites such as Roll Back Malaria, Lotus Live and the Smarter Planet blog. Peter told us first-hand about the success of the solution and the challenges of delivering a multi-company public-private project on the ground 8000 km from home.

Peter has worked for IBM for over 26 years in a wide variety of positions. He now has two significant roles as the Client Technical Advisor (CTA) program manager for North-East Europe and the SMS for Life project manager in Tanzania. In his CTA progam manager role he supports IBM’s most senior technical professionals as they deliver innovative solutions to IBM’s most important clients. He uses coaching and mentoring techniques and works to facilitate mutual support through culture change and the use of peer-to-peer collaboration tools and lotuslive. Managing the SMS for Life project involves leading a multi-organisation international team to pilot a life-saving solution for sub-Saharan Africa.

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