Data Driven Dance, 7pm 19th Oct 2016

At 7pm on the 19th of October, the BCS Coventry meeting features an unusual and highly creative project, linking dance with Computer Science.  Genevieve Nunes-Smith, founder of ReadySaltedCode will share the work she has done linking classical dance with Computer Science.  The project features wearable-tech ballet shoes and costumes, incorporates weather data and  aims to bring Computer Science to life.

Genevieve’s work has been featured at a number of institutions and events including the Royal Institution, Brighton Digital Festival, International Scratch Conferences 2015 + 2016, NAACE 2016.

Click here for details of this months meeting

Read more about Genevieve’s innovative work here:

We made it: Ballet shoe creator Genevieve Nunes-Smith

Brighton Digital Festival: talking tech with Genevieve Nunes-Smith


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