Wonders Beyond Numbers – Christmas Lecture

Speaker:  Johnny Ball
Topic:  Christmas Lecture: Wonders Beyond Numbers
Date: Wednesday 9th December 2020
Time: 18:30 start
Location: N/A – webinar

The recording of the meeting and the questions and answers is available here

Johnny Ball is the well-known TV personality who’s shows were renowned for presenting scientific and technological principles in an entertaining and accessible way for people young and old.

He was making science cool, back when Brian Cox was still more interested in bursting spots than bursting stars. Known for popularising maths and science through his extensive back catalogue of TV shows, children’s books and lectures, now he’s making the numbers add up for him. He was named in the Radio Times list of the top 40 most eccentric TV presenters of all time.

Johnny will feature amazing stories from our magical Mathematical past, like how to calculate the distance to the horizon, find the square root of absolutely any number easily and how long Archimedes lever would need to be for him to move the earth.

He will also explain how one famous explorer ended up further away from his goal than when he started and show why the Isaac Newton apple story is just rubbish and how gravity really works.


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