Smart Cities: Better Transport, Better Life

Presenter: Scott Shepard – Asistobe
Topic:  Improving transport within smart cities
Date: Now Wednesday 28th September 2022
Time:  19:00 start
Location:  Webinar – to book please use this updated booking link to Eventbrite


During this presentation we will look at ‘Better Transport, Better Life’ and look at the following areas of Asistobe:

·The problem (How to transport more people for less money? What makes public transport preferable? How to predict future mobility trends? What is the real transport need? How to meet real transport need?)
·Network Planning Basic
·Network planning intermediate
·Corridor analysis
·Advanced network planning

Asistobe is a Norwegian company located in Bergen. As an advocate for #CitiesFirst and an expert in the intersection of cities, movement and technology, Scott Shepard leverages his professional training as an urban planner and designer to deliver value in mobility innovation, startup advisory, entrepreneurship, and thought leadership.

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