Significant adoption of AI to boost UK Economy

Presenter: Dr. Syed Rizvi
– Lecturer Business Analytics School of Strategy & Leadership
Topic: This presentation will help BCS young talent and professionals to support the UK economy.
Date: 17th April 2024
Time: 18:45 for 18:55 lecture start
Location: Webinar – please book here


After Brexit, the UK economy suffered from unforeseen situations. COVID-19 further caused turbulence in the overall growth of economies world wide and thus impacted the UK too. This is the right time for young talent, where the UK has a chance to significantly leverage AI for economic growth. By strategically adopting AI across industries, from automating tasks to personalizing services, businesses can boost productivity and efficiency. This can lead to increased innovation, competitiveness in global markets, and the creation of new AI-powered industries. However, to fully reap these benefits, the UK needs to invest in infrastructure, education, and ethical frameworks to ensure responsible AI development and workforce adaptation. This presentation will help BCS young talent and professionals explore horizons through research and develop innovative solutions to support the UK economy.

With 15 years of overall teaching and research experience, including 10 years as Assistant Professor in national and international universities, Syed has a strong background in teaching in higher education. He embeds critical thinking for solving heterogeneous data issues, nurturing business ideas, implementing pedagogical learning, and supervises to ensure academic quality enhancement. This professional attitude in teaching practices has made Syed an experienced collaborator who deals with external partners connected with professional bodies throughout his career. He has a proven record of impactful research in Data Mining with Business, which has supported Beijing Transportation Corporation to transform digitally. Being professionally accredited, continually improving his impact is a must, therefore, he participates in international conferences, professional development sessions in British Computer Society, Association of Computing Machinery, IEEE, Chinese Computer Federation, and Pakistan Engineering Council, which reflects his commitment to staying at the forefront of advancements. In leadership roles, Syed has served as Head of Department at Iqra University and led its successful accreditation from NCEAC, HEC and PEC professional accredited bodies.

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