Service Architecture & Containerisation in modern Software Development

Presenter: Rich Bishop
Topic:   wasted capacity and conflict in the world of cloud software development
Date:  Wednesday 16th November 2022
Time:  19:00 start
Location:  Webinar – to book please register here


In the world of cloud software development, there’s an increasing amount of wasted capacity, and conflicting software and hardware requirements for systems. Making better use of the capacity available, and only using resources when needed, is key to not only reducing costs associated with the infrastructure, but also reducing the carbon footprint of the applications.

Serverless architecture, and containerisation are both used today to reduce the level of the resources used. Rich will talk about projects his company, Orchis Ltd, have worked on, and how his company use both serverless architecture, and containerisation to get the best value of the resources they use, and how these techniques reduce their, and their clients, energy use, and through that, carbon emissions.

Rich has been a software developer since the age of 9. Some 26 years later it’s still what fills most of his days, nearly 7 days a week. Today Rich’s company, Orchis Ltd, provides software and hardware solutions to businesses and charities ranging from simple system integration – through to “full stack” solutions invovling custom hardware and software, to create full end-to-end solutions, and provide ongoing support, for their customers.

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