Quantum Computing and how you can get a career in it

Presenter:  Richard Hopkins, IBM Distinguished Engineer
Topic: Most of us have heard something about quantum computing, but many of the popular accounts are misleading, giving the impression that quantum computing is somewhat analogous to parallel computing. The truth is very different and a lot more interesting. This talk aims to invite you to build a career in Quantum Computing.
Date: Wednesday 18th January 2023
Time: 19:00
Location: webinar – to book, please follow this link to Eventbrite


IBM Distinguished Engineer Richard Hopkins will start by clarifying what quantum computing is and where it might be useful.  He will then move on to the roles and career possibilities presented by quantum computing – both now and the near future. He will then examine routes into these roles to show existing and budding engineers how they may build a successful career in this emerging field.

Richard Hopkins is an IBM Distinguished Engineer and Fellow of the Royal Academy of Engineering (FREng CEng FIET) and was the nineteenth President of IBM’s Academy of Technology. During his 25 years of field experience as an IT Architect, he provided technical leadership and engineering insight for some of IBM’s most complex systems integration deliveries. He is a STEM Ambassador and regularly presents on a range of topics including high security Cloud, Artificial Intelligence, and Quantum Computing. In his spare time, he keeps up to date with technology by building open-source robots using commodity hardware to enable and inspire tomorrow’s innovators.

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