World Water Speed Record

Date:     Wednesday 23 Sep 2015
Time:     18:30 – Refereshments from 6:30pm for a 7pm start
Speaker:     Nigel Macknight – Team leader and Boat Driver
Location:     EC1-22 – 1st Floor – Engineering and Computing Block – Coventry University


Nigel Macknight is leading a team working very hard to win back for Britain the World Water Speed Record. Nigel is also the driver of the boat they are building for this purpose, which is called Quicksilver.
Construction of the craft is well advanced, although there is still much work to do before they can float it on the water and begin trials.

The record has stood for 36 years at a speed of 317.60 mph; it went to Australia.

Computers and computing inevitably play a major part in their engineering processes – with, for example, finite-element analysis (FEA) being employed in structural design, and computational fluid dynamics (CFD) being employed in aerodynamic and hydrodynamic analysis.
Nigel has promised us a very compelling presentation feturing “action” film-clips, black-and-white and colour stills, and computer-generated images and animations – some of this set to music. Of course, there is historic footage featuring Donald Campbell and other previous competitors, as well as bang-up-to-date material from Nigel.

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