Robot Life: A Users Manual

Date:     Wednesday 18 Nov 2015
Time:     18:30 – Refereshments from 6:30pm for a 7:00pm start
Speaker:     Jeremy L Wyatt – Professor of Robotics and Artificial Intelligence – University of Birmingham
Location:     Main IMC Auditorium (002) – IMC block – University of Warwick


Robotics is reaching a tipping point. The intelligence and robustness of robots increased hugely in the past fifteen years. This has allowed them to leave the lab and carefully controlled environments like the factory floor and enter our world. In this public lecture, aimed at the non-specialist, Professor Jeremy Wyatt will explain the achievements of intelligent robotics to date. He will also highlight some of the challenges we must meet to bring robots into our everyday lives. Finally, Professor Jeremy Wyatt will highlight some of the work carried out at Birmingham over the past decade, particularly breakthroughs in robot planning, robot learning and robot manipulation. The lecture should be accessible to people from age 12 up.

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