Neighbours onLine: Digital Inclusion

Date:     Wednesday 21 Oct 2015
Time:     18:00 – Refereshments from 18.00 for a 18.30 AGM start – talk starting 19.00
Speaker:     Mark Pickering, – Director of Development (retd), Warwick Manufacturing Group
Location:     Main IMC Auditorium (002) – IMC block – University of Warwick

Abstract:Mark Pickering recently took early retirement from WMG, and has been devoting himself to a project that gets older folk online. He gets them skyping each other, managing electricity, etc all online.  Mark will briefly introduce himself and will then discuss

  • The Aims of the organisation (emphasising Loneliness and cost)
  • Investigating/identifying the need
  • Designing the solution
  • Building the partnerships
  • Getting resources
  • Launching & Running the programme
  • Feedback, responses, findings
  • Developing the solution and reach,

to finish he’ll throw the meeting open to questions, comments and discussion.

Mark’s Slides: Neighbours_OnLine_MarkPickering

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