Cyber Security: I’m not angry, I’m just disappointed

Date:     Wednesday 20th April 2016
Time:     18:30 – Refreshments from 6:30pm for a 7pm start
Speaker:     Frazer Lewis and Warwick Cyber Security team.
Location:    International Manufacturing Centre Auditorium, WMG, University of Warwick {travel information at foot of page}


Cyber Security: I’m not angry, I’m just disappointed

Within the information security industry, one can all too easily find themselves continually reliving their very own Groundhog Day: “Multinational Insurer X Suffers Data Breach”, “Bank Y Loses Millions to Hackers”, “Telecoms Giant Z Apologises for Loss of Customer Data”.  Needless to say, the virtual world continues to demonstrate that it is woefully ill-equipped to deal with the risks it faces on a daily basis. Meanwhile, we in the physical world have sat idly by, uninterested and unthreatened when another large, faceless corporate internet presence falls at the hands of illusive hackers. The ruthlessness of the online universe is surely limited to the virtual realm, right?

Choosing to live and experience a life “online” is no longer exclusive to frustrated teens and basement dwellers. The younger generations in particular are glued to their phones, never a few taps away from the comfort of their electronic personas. Indeed, our participation in the virtual world has little to do with “choice”: banks, insurers, the government and indeed society itself are seemingly hell-bent on mandating the surrender of our personal details. To make matters worse, the Internet, dissatisfied with its intangible status, has reached out into our physical world, grasping onto our household appliances and vehicles.

Now that malicious bits and bytes can cause a fire by remotely overloading the light bulbs of our homes, sitting idly by possess risks of its very own.

This talk aims to be both a humorous and harrowing analysis of the biggest hacks, blunders and data breaches in very recent history, answering the question: how does cyber security affect us?

Frazer Lewis has provided cyber security services to the finance, information technology, government and media industries. Specialising in emerging technologies, he is approached to assess the security robustness of bleeding edge, highly-interconnected systems.

A report on this meeting is available here.

Venue Information:  The talk is being held in the International Manufacturing Centre Auditorium, WMG, University of Warwick.  If travelling by car, the nearest carparks to the IMC are 8 and 15.  Car parking is free after 6pm.

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