Useful Maths You will Never Use

Prestige Christmas Lecture
Date:     Wednesday 10 Dec 2014
Time:     18:30 – Reception 6:30pm for 7:00 lecture start, buffet after lecture
Speaker:    Matt Parker –
Location:     EC1-29 for reception, ECG-24 for lecture – Coventry University

Abstract:     As Matt showed us, there is useful maths all around us that make our modern lives possible. From rescuing your lost words in text messages to protecting your facebook profile, we rely on numbers to transmit and protect information every day. In this highly engaging session, Matt Parker opened our eyes to the ubiquitous sea of numbers we all live in but don’t need to use ourselves. By way of analogy, your text message gets turned into a suduco before sending, and gets encrypted as ASCII with parity. Those of you not attending consequently missed the worlds first binary error detecting and correcting scarf (…you had to be there) and recreational uses of spreadsheets (see, I said you had to be there!)

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