Teaching of Computing in Schools

How Coventry BCS is supporting the changes to the National Curriculum

Date: Wednesday 17 Sep 2014
Time: 19:00 – refreshments from 6:30pm
Speaker: Irene Glendinning and Margaret Low
Location: ECG-13 – Coventry University Engineering & Computing block – Ground Floor

Abstract: This talk will examine the impact from the September 2014 changes to the National Curriculum for England that include the requirement for computing rather than ICT to be taught in primary and secondary schools. The presenters, Coventry branch chair Irene Glendinning and Education Liaison Officer Margaret Low, have both been working with local schools for some time both in their university day jobs and on behalf of the Coventry BCS branch, to encourage the teaching of computing in schools and promoting careers in computer science to young people. They will help to uncover the reasons these changes were needed and discuss some of the problems that need to be resolved in order to capitalise on this unique opportunity to inspire and attract the next generation of computer scientists.
Speakers Slides: Sept2014_comp_in_schools_final

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