Very Short AGM-followed by What we can really learn about Project Management and Software Development from Agile and Waterfall methodologies

Date: Wednesday 20 Nov 2013
Time: 18:45 – AGM 18:45 – 19:15 approx, lecture from 19:30, refreshments from 18:00
Speaker: Barry Evans – manager, coach, trainer and explorer into the creative mind
Location: EC 1-12 Coventry University Faculty of Enfgineering and Computer Science


We had the shortest AGM we could manage – 30 minutes- followed by
Was Agile a Trojan Horse full of consultants bearing gifts or a lifeboat to rescue foundering projects from going over the Waterfall of intransigent tradition?
The answer was an emphatic YES to both!!

Barry gave some useful and unconventional planning and estimation techniques during the course of this talk that we could take away and use.

The 2012 AGM minutes were ratified

Comprehensive Branch Chair 2013 report still available from this link
Compensatingly short Secretary 2013 report still available from this link
Treasurer’s report, Summary and transactions report:-
Treasurer’s report
Summary Spreadsheet
Transaction Report.
Thank you to all the Branch members who turned up and voted. Thanks to all the visitors who patiently sat through the AGM, at least we had a tasty buffet to munch.

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