Innovations in 3D visualisation

Date: Wednesday 20 Feb 2013
Time: 19:00 – refreshments from 18:30
Speaker: Dr. Abdul-Hadi Abulrub – Research Fellow
Location: Warwick University IMC auditorium 004


As the movie, Avatar, launched at the end of 2009, public awareness of three dimension (3D) visualisation has begun. 3D applications are not merely for gaming or movies but ready to transform day-to-day activities, consumer expectations and business processes. However, 3D could be the new mainstream of communication in consumer products in the next few years.

Thus, it is important to recognise the new trend to review products digitally, especially with the ease of use of data management systems. The 3D digital models are integrated in the business to support their New Product Development (NPD) process which may also use physical prototypes to verify innovative designs. However, with the advancement in 3D technologies and virtual environments, the intention is to reduce the physical prototypes to a feasible minimum by performing verification tasks early at the concept stage on a digital model. In the future, a better understanding of 3D digital prototyping in the engineering processes will boost the confidence in making decisions with anticipation to move away from physical models in the NPD process.

Join us to explore how organisations have to adopt 3D innovation strategically.

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