Computing at School

Date:     Wednesday 19 May 2010
Time:     18:30 – Tea 6:00pm for 6:30 start
Speaker:     Simon Humphreys –
Location:     AS321d Coventry University


There is a collection of people in the UK collaborating under the heading “Computing at School” (CAS) who are working to address current issues that relate to ICT and Computer Science in school. Although an informal group, they have some influential people on board, and are engaging with exam boards, BCS and other interested bodies at a high level, as well as creating local ‘hubs’ to support teachers.

This was a slightly different format meeting; Irene (Chair of the Schools Committee/Schools Competition and now deputy Branch Chair) gave a brief report to the branch about our activities with schools, local Unis and local businesses before handing over to Simon.

In his talk Simon addressed CAS in general: educational background and challenge and how CAS are trying to effect change through working with partner groups including the BCS and teachers (through local networks and national conferences). The links they currently have with BCS at a national level are proving very significant especially with the new BCS Academy in the pipeline.
Simon would like to see the links at local level increase especially as Coventry Branch contains members who are concerned about computing in general and computing in schools in particular; witness this year’s Schools Competition.

CAS want to develop a national network of local teacher communities where they can share best practice, share their own ideas and resources and also receive training (potentially accredited training).

Simon was pleasantly surpised at how switched on to the issues Coventry Branch already is and our interworking with other stakeholders, especially as we already have a lot of school contact. Simon was therefore able to take away one model of how CAS may be able to engage similarly with other local branches.

All teachers were especially welcome to attend, however we acknowledged that this meeting coincided with several school open / parent/teacher evenings.

YES!!! this was an open meeting, not the AGM….

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