Web based video conferencing

Date:     Wednesday 19 Nov 2008
Time:     18:30 – Tea was 6:00pm for 6:30 start
Speaker:     Giorgio Bragoli – technilink iT Limited www.digitalmeeting.co.uk
Location:     AS124, Coventry University


Audio video conferencing was once seen as in the remit of the global corporate companies who had large conference rooms with big digital cameras and plasma screens. It was used on intranets to connect geographically dispersed sites together at times which had to be booked in advance so that everyone who needed to attend could free up their calendars to do so. With advances in technology audio video conferencing has now reached the desk top. This opens up a whole new realm of possibilities for SMEs who can now enjoy the advantages of less need to travel to customer sites and not having to deal with the associated cost of travel expenses and wasted travel time as well as the reduced carbon foot print. The talk actively promoted the use of the audio/visual conferencing by showing its generic features and put these in the context for the SMEs. The speakers also showed how they could be used to reduce over-head cost. As a fine demonstration, Neil Johnson was in Winchester and Giorgio was actually at Coventry. During the demo Neil controlled the slides remotely and annotated them. They were using Skype and IP phones to provide the audio which was all controlled from a remote Bridge.

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