Method-based problem diagnosis

Date:     Wednesday 17 Sep 2008
Time:     18:30 – Tea was 6:00pm for 6:30 start
Speaker:     Paul Offord – Advance7
Location:     AS124, Coventry University


Method-based problem diagnosis is rarely understood and even more rarely practiced, and yet it offers an effective means to solving intermittent or long-running IT problems.
Paul Offord of Advance7 has a 30+ year career in the IT industry, working in the UK, the US and Germany for companies such as IBM, National Semiconductor and Hitachi.
In 1989 he founded Advance7, an independent consultancy specialising in IT performance and stability.
In August 1990 Advance7 launched a critical problem resolution service called REACT, since when the company has helped over 250 of Europe’s leading companies solve chronic IT problems.

In his presentation Paul outlined RPR – an IT specific problem resolution method- and described the core principles.

He also described the benefits of the approach and illustrated the effectiveness of RPR with case studies from the finance industry, with no reference to an American Insurance Giant…
The meeting was well attended – 18 people signed in, not bad for the opening meeting of the season.

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