How we gave away our personal data

Speaker: Jon Honeyball
Topic: How we gave away our personal data and the apocalypse to come when we are the product.
Date: Wednesday 16th September 2020
Time: 18:00 start
Location: N/A – webinar

This was an open meeting, all were welcome, we asked you to please register here (at Eventbrite)– however the meeting has finished now.

The recording is available to view at


Who owns you on the internet? Are users aware of how much information is being held about them by global corporations? Is there such a thing as privacy any more, and should we care? Are there appropriate methods in place to allow the user to manage the information about them, and how do they go about it? Or is it all too late, the party is over, and we are simply data entries in a set of monstrous databases, determined to steer us in ways beyond our understanding. Is free really free, and how is the advertising marketplace responding to the existential threats to its existence?

In this talk, Jon looked at these questions, and offered insight into what users should be doing, and demanding of their devices, software, cloud services and suppliers. Jon had to advise that the Apocalypse has already happened!

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