HEDD – Higher Education Degree Datacheck

Speaker: Chris Rea
Topic: HEDD – Higher Education Degree Datacheck
Date: Wednesday 18th November 2020
Time: 18:00 start
Location: N/A – webinar

The recording of our meeting is available from here.

Fake certificates. Bogus universities. Grade inflation. Diploma mills. These are just some of the characteristics of degree fraud.

It’s a global problem and the UK isn’t immune.

For every high-profile case of a chief executive brought down after having lied on their CV, thousands more go undetected.

When just 30% of major recruiters bother to check their employees’ degree credentials, it’s no wonder the market for fraud is so fertile.

HEDD, the UK’s official degree verification system, has verified more than 500,000 candidates since 2011.

Its associated Degree Fraud Reporting Service has helped shut down 80 fake universities.

This webinar will explore the world of degree fraud in all its lurid detail and set out the simple steps businesses can take to protect themselves from the fraudsters.

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