Getting into Business and Consultancy

Presenter:  Colin Butcher, BCS Consultancy Specialist Group
Topic: Many IT professionals reach a stage in their careers where they consider starting their own IT consulting or IT services business; with the Covid pandemic impacting all areas of work, some professionals may find this is the only way back into the field.
Date: Wednesday 16th March 2022
Time: 19:00
Location: webinar – to book, please follow this link to eventbrite


Many IT professionals reach a stage in their careers where they consider starting their own IT consulting business. Making the leap from conventional employment to owning your own business can seem to be a daunting, risky and difficult career move at the time.

The Covid pandemic may have resulted in you losing your job, and starting your own consulting business may be your way back in. Alternatively, you may have reached the stage in your career where the company you are in is stifling your abilities or ambitions. This meeting is titled “Getting into Business and Consultancy,” and is intended to explore what a person (early-career, mid-career, late-career) would need to consider and prepare for if they wished to take the step into business and/or consultancy in the IT field, e.g. any training, skills set, contact gathering, etc. necessary and what pitfalls to look out for and avoid.

Colin made that change over 25 years ago and has offered to share his experiences of starting his own business, with the intention of helping those considering this career path to better understand what they might be letting themselves in for.

Colin is a long-term contributor to several BCS groups and is an international speaker on a range of IT topics, both business and technical. Colin graduated as an engineer and pursued a successful career as a systems design engineer in industry and then as an IT systems architect in several companies. He then started his own specialist IT consultancy (XDelta Limited) which he successfully ran for 25 years.

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