CSI-COP – Your Right to Privacy Online

Presenter:  Dr. Huma Shah
Topic:   Is Online Privacy a Privilege?
Aims and Learning Objectives: Understand data-privacy as a design methodology.
Date:  Wednesday 15th February 2023
Time:  19:00 start
Location:  Webinar – to book please follow this booking link


With so much of AI artefacts, programmes, tools and technologies raising concerns, how much of AI and algorithms underpinning the online world is designed with data-privacy and data ethics as a development philosophy? This guest lecture aims to deliver a ‘Your Right to Privacy Online’ tutorial developed as a free informal education resource from an EU funded project, CSI-COP, concerned with fundamental AI ethics: extent of online tracking .

Target Audience: Individuals interested in Computer Science, AI, AI Ethics, Data Protection, Online Privacy, Digital Rights.

Prerequisite Knowledge of Audience: None

Detailed Outline: The CSI-COP EU funded project involves democratising AI innovation by engaging interested members of the general public as citizen scientists to co-investigate the extent of online tracking through coded artefacts (cookies; fingerprint, etc.). The guest lecture will deliver CSI-COP’s ‘Your Right to Privacy Online; including practical know-how to safeguard data and preserve privacy online through five short steps:

Step 1: What is the concept of ‘privacy’
Step 2: What exactly is ‘personal data’
Step 3: How is our data collected online
Step 4: What rights are there to protect privacy online
Step 5: Introduction to free digital tools to help safeguard your data and preserve your online privacy

Other Info: Fact sheet on the CSI-COP EU Horizon2020 project is here: https://cordis.europa.eu/project/id/873169   CSI-COP privacy-by-design website is here: https://csi-cop.eu/

Biography: Dr. Huma Shah joined Coventry University in June 2014 from Reading University where she gained her PhD in ‘Deception-detection and machine intelligence in Practical Turing tests’. She worked on the EU FP7 funded ‘RoboLaw’ project (http://www.robolaw.eu/). She is Director of Science (Co-Investigator) on a Coventry University-led, ten partner international consortium delivering the EU Horizon2020 research and innovation funded project (CSI-COP) concerned with online data-privacy. The CSI-COP project applies a citizen science approach to investigate tracking-by-default and GDPR compliance in website cookies and smart phone apps. CSI-COP has been shortlisted for the ‘Best Innovative Privacy Project’ category in the inaugural Privacy, InfoSec, Culture, Change, Awareness, Societal, Organisation
(PICCASO) awards: https://www.piccasoprivacyawards.com/shortlist

More information on the EU Horizon2020 project can be found here: https://cordis.europa.eu/project/id/873169

The CSI-COP website is here: https://csi-cop.eu/

Related Experiences: Huma teaches technology/AI ethics to students from different courses in Coventry University.

Keywords: AI, AI Ethics, AI development, privacy-by-design; data privacy; data protection, privacy, online tracking, web and app development, computer science

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