Communications Services underpinning National Air Traffic Services

Speaker: Adrian Pauling 
Topic: Overview of NATS Critical National Infrastructure 

Date: Wednesday 17th February 2021 
Time: 18:00 start
Location: N/A – webinar

The recording of this meeting is available from this link.

Adrian will provide 3 overviews, starting with the 2 different environments for Air Traffic Controllers, their generic roles and Air Space management, and the role of National Air Traffic Services.

Secondly, a very high level overview of modern Telecommunication systems, generic ‘fixed services’ infrastructure for resilient high availability Enterprise/Corporate networks – Ethernet and the Internet Protocol (IP), using  dedicated ‘copper’, optical and radio links to end customers.

Lastly, an overview of the safety considerations, information systems availability and high level overview of NATS networks supporting the National Air Traffic Controllers in their role.

Adrian is an Enterprise Architect with over 30 years experience. He is currently Design Authority for the NATS outsourced managed network, performing the ‘CTO’ function for Account. He has provided network design, consultancy and Design Authority functions for a number of networks, including the BT internal environment (paying for on his corporate card for a period!), Financial and Telecom sectors, and advising UK Central Government up to and including Cabinet Office.

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