Digital Apprenticeships – Landscape, Opportunities and Challenges

Speaker: Alison Pearce
Topic: Digital Apprenticeships – Landscape, Opportunities and Challenges
Date: Wednesday 19th February 2020
Time: Refreshments 18:30 for 19:00 start
Location: Pit Stop Cafe, IMC (International Manufacturing Centre), University of Warwick

This is an open meeting, no booking is needed, all welcome


Within this meeting the discussion will include the new Digital Apprenticeships, the reason for development, the focus and the differences to the historical ones. Alison will explain the process and apprentice experience and the “ideal” journey and will then discuss the completion and assessment processes, the opportunities for the apprentices to achieve, the variety of evidence we evaluate and the challenges BCS face not only as an End-Point Assessment Organisation but also as the Chartered Institute.

Alison will cover the approaches that BCS are taking to ensure that we provide the best experience to apprentices, the standards we work to, our regulatory restrictions, our assessment team and how BCS are aiming to raise the quality of the Digital Apprenticeship outcomes by providing support to employers, training providers and apprentices themselves.

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