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Coventry University meeting location

Getting to the Campus

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The Coventry University Campus Map

is available from http://www.coventry.ac.uk/interactivemap#map. The map is searchable, try inputting Engineering


Please feel free to checkout http://www.coventry.ac.uk/study-at-coventry/open-days/visiting-coventry-university/travel-directions-info/

Please read below for how to get to the new E&C building, thanks.


Grove Street Car Park

Looking North (down the hill) towards the vehicular entry/exit, Armstrong Siddley block is right, along the footpath, whereas Alan Berry is left along the footpath (betwen the buildings, across the road and down the side of the Sir Frank Whittle building....).


Looking South (up the hill) towards the new bus shelter, The new Engineering and Computing (EC) building is across the road and up the hill.


Across the road (Gosford Street) can be seen the Gosford Street car park and the William Morris building

With the Gosford Street car park on your right and the William Morris building on your left, the new Engineering & Computing building is further up the hill


Gosford Street Car Park

For those interested, the tariff for the Gosford Street car-park (as of September 2012), i.e. get there after 6:00pm for the cheap rate!

Using a Sat Nav? Try CV1 5DL

From inside the Gosford Street car park, the new building may be accessed by exiting up the footpath at the top of the car park.

From either car park keep on up the hill, you will see the new EC building over towards your left. There is a water feature and a small bridge just in front of the "Pay-and-Disply" machine you can see in the picture.

(New) Engineering & Computing Block


Please access the doorway diagonally across the courtyard.

It'll keep the students fit, all this walking!

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