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Branch Events

All events are free (in the unlikely event they are not we will let you know up front) and booking is only essential where we ask you to prebook, e.g. for the Christmas Lecture. A booking link will then be provided by the event.  

The History of Computing - Coventry Branch 50th Anniversary

Date Wednesday 15 Apr 2015
Time 18:30 - for a 19:00 start, networking buffet to follow
Speaker Richard Kenyon - the first Coventry Branch Secretary
Location ECG-13 - Coventry University Engineering & Computing block - Ground Floor
Abstract Coventry's role in the early proliferation of computers in the 1960s will be celebrated on Wednesday 15 Apr 2015 from 18:30 during a 50th anniversary event at Coventry University.

Richard Kenyon, one of the founding members of the Coventry branch of the British Computer Society - which subsequently became the Chartered Institute for IT - will talk about the history of computing, and how Coventry was at the forefront of developments.

The talk, entitled 'The Story of Early Computing in Coventry', marks half a century since the organisation's Coventry branch was opened in 1965 and started meeting in the Courtaulds lecture theatre in Foleshill.

Current Coventry branch chairman Irene Glendinning, who is also academic manager for student experience at Coventry University, said:
"We're delighted to be hosting this event at Coventry University. It's a fitting venue, as - in its former guise as the Lanchester Polytechnic - the University was involved with the society from an early stage.

Since the 1960s, the Coventry branch of the Chartered Institute for IT has continued to flourish. As with all our monthly meetings, we welcome non-members, particularly students, to join current and previous members of the branch in celebrating this significant anniversary.

Our Speaker, Mr Richard Kenyon said:
"In the early 1960s the use of computers blossomed in Coventry. We were at the forefront of both scientific and commercial applications in companies such as Armstrong Whitworth Aircraft, Rolls Royce, Courtaulds, Jaguar Cars, Rootes Group and Alfred Herberts.

The academic lead was provided by the Lanchester Polytechnic, and there was considerable interest in the then young British Computer Society represented by branches in Birmingham and Leicester.

This talk is open to anyone who may find it interesting, who will also be welcome to join us forthe networking buffet afterwards.

Richard was the very first Coventry Branch Secretary when the Branch inception occurred in 1965 (although the founder members had begun meeting a couple of years earlier) so knows more about the Branch that most, and a good deal about how the field of Computing has changed over the ensuing 50 years! Many members have asked us to provide a lively talk about the History of Computers and Computing, and when better than the 50th anniversary of the Coventry Branch to hold it?

Telstar to Terabits - The Evolution of Satellite Telecommunications

Date Thursday 23 Apr 2015
Time 18:30 - Refreshments from 18:30 for the presentation at 19:00. Networking buffet afterwards
Speaker John Yates - Satellite Communications Consultant & Past-Chairman, IET Space Committee
Location Coventry University Engineering & Computing block
Abstract The Telstar 1 satellite was launched on 10th July 1962 into a low earth orbit and was capable or relaying a single television channel between the US and UK for 20 minutes when the satellite was over the Atlantic Ocean. However, fast-forward to the Internet era and satellite operators and users are now looking to satisfy data requirements of the order of tens or hundreds of megabits per second - and not only on land but to ships and aircraft too. Today we rely on satellites to carry terabytes of data 24 x 7 across the globe and John will talk about how satellite technology has evolved from the earliest days of satellite communications to the sophisticated global satellite networks upon which we rely so much today.

John Yates has 28 years of experience in the commercial space sector. After having held key satellite project management positions at SES-Astra and Inmarsat he now works as a freelance consultant providing expert advice and interim management for companies, organisations and governments world-wide in the commercial satellite telecommunications sector. He is Telecoms Policy Advisor to the UK Parliamentary Space Committee and past-Chairman of the IET Space Committee.

Please reserve a place via this link to help with refreshment planning, thank you

The Cost of Internet Capacity

Date Thursday 14 May 2015
Time 18:30 - Refreshments from 18:30 for the presentation at 19:00. Networking finger buffet afterwards
Speaker Dr Mary McCarthy - Research Fellow, Aston University
Location Coventry University Engineering & Computing block
Abstract Despite predictions otherwise, humanity and it's data succeed in clogging all available internet bandwidth. As this traffic demand continues to increase with little willingness or ability to pay for it, in this era of austerity and increasing energy cost, we will look at the challenges facing the optical communications industry to delivery increase capacity for "free".

Please reserve a place via this link to help with refreshment planning, thank you
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