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Did I mention that all our open meetings are open?
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Branch Events

All events are free (in the unlikely event they are not we will let you know up front) and booking is only essential where we ask you to prebook, e.g. for the Christmas Lecture. A booking link will then be provided by the event.  

World Water Speed Record BCS event

Date Wednesday 23 Sep 2015
Time 18:30 - Refereshments from 6:30pm for a 7pm start
Speaker Nigel Macknight - Team leader and Boat Driver www.quicksilver-wsr.com
Location EC1-22 - 1st Floor - Engineering and Computing Block - Coventry University
Abstract Nigel Macknight is leading a team working very hard to win back for Britain the World Water Speed Record. Nigel is also the driver of the boat they are building for this purpose, which is called Quicksilver.
Construction of the craft is well advanced, although there is still much work to do before they can float it on the water and begin trials.

The record has stood for 36 years at a speed of 317.60 mph; it went to Australia.

Computers and computing inevitably play a major part in their engineering processes - with, for example, finite-element analysis (FEA) being employed in structural design, and computational fluid dynamics (CFD) being employed in aerodynamic and hydrodynamic analysis.
Nigel has promised us a very compelling presentation feturing "action" film-clips, black-and-white and colour stills, and computer-generated images and animations - some of this set to music. Of course, there is historic footage featuring Donald Campbell and other previous competitors, as well as bang-up-to-date material from Nigel.

Very Brief AGM followed by
Neighbours on Line: Digital inclusion of our Senior Citizens

Date Wednesday 21 Oct 2015
Time 18:30 - Refereshments from 6:30pm for a 6:45pm AGM start - talk starting 7:15pm
Speaker Mark Pickering, - Director of Development (retd), Warwick Manufacturing Group
Location Main IMC Auditorium (002) - IMC block - University of Warwick
Abstract Mark Pickering recently took early retirement from WMG, and has been devoting himself to a project that gets older folk online. He gets them skyping each other, managing electricity, etc all online.
Mark willabriefly introduce himself and will then discuss
The Aims of the organisation (emphasising Loneliness and cost)
Investigating/identifying the need
Designing the solution
Building the partnerships
Getting resources
Running the programme
Feedback, responses, findings
Developing the solution and reach, throwing the meeting open to questions, comments and discussion.

Robot Life: A User's Manual

Date Wednesday 18 Nov 2015
Time 18:30 - Refereshments from 6:30pm for a 7:00pm start
Speaker Jeremy L Wyatt - Professor of Robotics and Artificial Intelligence - University of Birmingham
Location Main IMC Auditorium (002) - IMC block - University of Warwick
Abstract Robotics is reaching a tipping point. The intelligence and robustness of robots increased hugely in the past fifteen years. This has allowed them to leave the lab and carefully controlled environments like the factory floor and enter our world. In this public lecture, aimed at the non-specialist, Professor Jeremy Wyatt will explain the achievements of intelligent robotics to date. He will also highlight some of the challenges we must meet to bring robots into our everyday lives. Finally, Professor Jeremy Wyatt will highlight some of the work carried out at Birmingham over the past decade, particularly breakthroughs in robot planning, robot learning and robot manipulation. The lecture should be accessible to people from age 12 up.

The ExoMars Rover Mission

Date Wednesday 09 Dec 2015
Time 18:30 - Refereshments from 6:30pm for a 7:00pm start
Speaker Abbie Hutty - Airbus Defense and Space - and 2013 IET Young Woman of the Year & Royal Academy of Engineering Rising Star 2014
Location Large Lecture Theatre - Engineering and Computing Block - Coventry University
Abstract The annual Christmas Lecture is again jointly supported by BCS, IET, IMA and Coventry University's Faculty of Engineering and Computing.

Abbie Hutty is the 2013 IET Young Woman of the Year and won the Royal Academy of Engineering Rising Star Award in 2014 and also won the IMechE's Young Member Visionary Award for 2013.
She is the Senior Structural Engineer for the ExoMars Rover Vehicle scheduled for launch in 2018.
She has appeared with the prototype Rover alongside Professor Brian Cox on BBC One's Stargazing Live from Jodrell Bank.
An accomplished STEM Ambassador inspiring school pupils with her achievements.

The talk will be followed by a light buffet supper and networking.Admission is free but booking is essential.

To book, please go to the Evenbrite booking site
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